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it is the nation's third largest school district. i am harris falkner for all of the headline when is you want them go to >> i am harris falkner. we are live. we learn more about the christian pastor who was on death row in iran now free. a battle over his christian beliefs that nearly cost him his life. the presidential campaign taking stabs at each other over the issues that impact virtually everyone in this country. the tone in this race just got a lot sharper. >> jobs while americans have it millions don't. it will take it away from the other by attacking governor romney on medicare. will that strategy work?
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on the campaign trail in florida. and not welcome. this intruder busted trying to break into the home of one of hollywood's biggest young stars. tonight police say he did not come empty handed. what was his plan? also, exactly one year ago this world went dark after an explosion in afghanistan stole his sight. this former navy lieutenant a champion winning gold at the paraolympics. >> first tonight a fight that has been brewing for weeks now coming to a head in the critical swing state in the race for the white house in florida the president tries to turn attention away from the hurting jobs and economic picture to medicare. there are more than 3 million seniors in the sunshine state on medicare. it is an important issue. as you may know we enter knowing
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damaging details about the jobs outlook in our country as we create jobs at an alarmingly slow pace. the unemployment stands at 8.8 percent. trying to switch the focus to medicare might hit a slippery slope. governor romney and congressman ryan would end medicare as we know it. the romney team quickly coming out with this response saying in a statement only one candidate in this race robbed medicare of $716 billion to pay for obama care. barack obama. he has done nothing to reform medicare in the long hall and prevent it from going bankrupt. this back and forth began hours ago with the president campaigning in florida. >> the voucher plan for medicare would bankrupt medicare. our plan strengthens medicare. no american should have to spend their golden years at the mercy of insurance companies.
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>> more on the president's claims in a moment. first we know that governor romney is at his headquarters where he is preparing for the president sh presidential debate less than a month away. governor romney was not on the campaign trail but on one of the sunday talk shows. >> the ghovovernor outlined wha parts of the healthcare law he would keep if he is elected president. >> i am not getting rid of all of healthcare reform. there are a number of things i like in healthcare reform i am going to put in place one is to make sure those with preexisting conditions can get coverage. two assure the marketplace allows for individuals have policies that cover their family up to whatever age they might like. >> he also went to church with his family today and spent several hours preparing for those all important presidential debates coming up in october.
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>> i know his running mate congressman ryan also making news today. what did he have to say? >> he defended his medicare plan which democrats claim would end medicare as we know it. ryan's budget calls for a premium support system that would help them buy health insurance on the open market or stay with the current plan. he says something has to be done. >> it's a system that needs reforming so we don't want to put more money and more people on a program that is failing and not working. we want to reform medicaid. what we are saying is don't expand this program as dramatically as obama care does keep it like it is increase funding send it to the states so the states can fix the funding. >> his interview was also pretaped. he had toe campaign events. >> we will go to florida now. president obama continuing his bus tour. he spoke to a crowd in west palm beach. he hit governor romney on
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medicare reform a hot topic at the sunshine state. he traveled with the president in west palm beach tonight. is this a strategy now trying to take the focus off jobs which effect so many people in this country and put it on healthcare. >> he is still talking about jobs he knows it's important. after the jobs report it plays into what the president has been trying to do is make it less a referendum about him and his record and make it a choice election about the future. medicare fits in two-ways. you have a lot of senior citizens they care a lot about medicare they want to hear about both sides plans. he has a target in the ryan budget and is suggesting this will end medicare as we know it. you heard him say it before. here's what he is saying today. >> here's what you need to know. i have strengthened medicare. we have added years to the life of medicare.
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we did it by getting rid of tax payer subsidies and insurance companies that weren't making people healthier. the other side knows that. in fact it was in their budget all of the savings we achooeed. achieved. now they act like it is effecting the beneficiaries. we took the money from the insurance companies put it to lower prescription drug costs for seniors preventative care for seniors. we thought it was a good idea. they may think it was a bad idea, but i don't. >> the president talked about a study that came out suggesting that under the romney ryan plan seniors would pay 125,000 dollars more in medicare costs if in fact their plan was implemented over the course of their retirement, hairs harris. >> i think we should tell people who did the study and what their
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credentials are. an having note. >> right. it is a study from harvard a democrat. he has been tied to the president helping to put together some of their plans and whatnot. the obama campaign's push back on that is while this person is democrat he is still siting facts about the romney ryan budget plan. they believe inside the obama campaign in order to try to balance the budget as the ryan budget suggests it will far, far down the road they are going to have to have big cuts to medicare. as you noted earlier the republican ticket in order to pass the healthcare plan he had billions of dollars in cuts himself. >> a less leaning group looking at a republican plan. before i let you go there was a picture that popped up a short time ago. it was kind of odd. it looks like the president being hoisted into the air. what haled? >> i have never seen anything like this.
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this is a pizza shop owner big apple pizza place in florida. he had what the president said big guns in terms of his biceps. he was so happy to see the president he lifted him in the air. there were no secret service agents. normally they would try to push back if they see the president being tossed around or tossed to the ground. he was a republican he voted for the president in 08. he was so excited to see him. he lifted him. he got a vote out of it. >> where was the secret service? >> well, in those pictures you don't see them right there. they have a judgment call. they do this on rope lines as well with the president's event. they watch people who might grab on to the president. they take a judgment on whether or not the president is going to be hurt. in this case they may have. they may have made that judgment call this was just an excited fan who wasn't going to hurt him. he didn't get hurt. >> somebody in the studio rough
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and tumble on the campaign trail. thank you very much. >> a fox news wildfire alert now evacuation orders are in effect for part of idaho. fire officials fear high winds and low humidity there could cause a wildfire to spread into the highway. police officers have been going door to door they have a lot of ground to cover here. 400 homes to clear out. 400 miles. >> a major deadline fast approaching. in a show down with a teacher's union. if a deal is not reached within hours it could mean no classes for children in one of the nation's largest school district. details on a fight that could play out really in any community in a nation. is there a silver lining to the
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did is appointing jobs report on your 401 k? we will take a look.
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>> the lathes jobs numbers 96,000 jobs created in august not nearly enough to get the economy back in gear. that is reaching speculation on wall street the federal reserve could step in as soon as this week with a new round of stimulus money to try to prop up the weak recovery. any new actions by the fed could be seen by some people as a political move with the election now less than two months away. senior business correspondent brenda butler takes a look. >> weak joabs reports could put the fed to work again. good news for your 401 k.
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wall street at multi year highs this just as we learn the jobs market isn't working. what gives? traders are betting the fed will when the central bank meets this week it could consider a third bond buying binge called qe 3 in washington. translation? the bank will print more money to buy what could be hundreds of billions of bonds or mortgage debt. how? well the aim is to lower long-term interest rates and stimulate more businesses and consumers to borrow and spend just starting the recovery. this means the money goes into high gear. this as our national debt tops 16 trillion and there is plenty of disagreements on whether it would work anyway. this kind of move could take the heat off politicians. in europe only when interest rates hit dangerous highs did government finally get serious
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about cleaning up the debt mess. we will know if and perhaps when the fed gets on the job this thursday. harris, back to you. thank you very much. a fight over tax payer money with thousands of children caught in the middle and our nation's third largest school district a strike and chicago schools could cause major disruptions we are told. tonight still no deal in negotiations between the school district and the teacher's union. they set a deadline to reach an agreement. top concerns pay raises job security we are told some progress is being made but if they don't get a deal done teachers say they will strike tomorrow. this weekend we are seeing the union getting ready setting up headquarters but it's the kids the school district preparing for the worse case scenario organizing camps for students who have nowhere else to go. >> tropical storm leslie racing across the atlantic. it is not supposed to hit the u.s. mainland but it does not mean it will pose a threat for
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people who need to be on alert the coming days. an iraqi court handing down a death sentence for that country's vice president. he has already gone living some place else. the new details behind the dramatic ruling. he was always a hero. now he's a champion. this former navy officer wounded bringing home the gold in the paralympic games. paraolympic games. that game was awesome last night. we got crushed, dude. awesome game. nice. saints are getting good, huh? shotgun formation... yes. zone blitz, they disguise it so well. with nfl mobile from verizon, no one will know the game better than you. best defense in the league... well, almost no one. i will eat you. watch live games thursday, sunday and monday nights, plus get nfl redzone and nfl network coverage 24/7
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>> fox news weather alert trop tal koerm leslie is churning out of the atlantic. outer bands battling bermuda.
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they are breathing a collective sigh of relief. leslie had been forecast to possibly hit the island as a category 2 hurricane dead on. fortunately most of the storm missed it. you can see the center of the storm passing east of bermuda. it is not a direct let to the united states but even so we are not at tin the path. some people can still feel the effects. maria molina is in the weather center. >> people living across new england and down to the mid atlantic will feel it. it is a large storm system. fortunately it has not strengthened can iing santly. it remained a tropical storm. we have had dry air working its way toward the center of the system. it is very large it goes 500 miles from one end to the other end of the storm. that is why it is difficult for less leslie to try to strengthen.
7:21 pm
it spared bermuda from the worst of the storms through out the day today. those conditions should begin to improve as we pull away from the storms. 60 miles to the north and 14 miles per hour through the storm this far north in latitude. back when we were talking about land fall in far eastern portions of land fall. hair lice like we mentioned we are not expecting any precipitation but dangerous conditions will be possible for rip current and dangerous conditions for boaters that head out to open waters across the east coast. >> we hope people heed the warnings. something that effects the united states is the lathes on the krout situation. which states are feeling it which ones are we talking and
7:22 pm
where do we stand with that. >> we have across louisiana isaac move through. the good news it dumped over 20 inches of rain it pulled us out of a drought across the state of louisiana or southern portions of the state. we no longer in a drought across southwestern parts of alabama. take a look still an extreme to exceptional drought. some of the worst drought categories. we are not looking at any rain possible monday to tuesday. very dry conditions are expected with low humidity and higher temperatures. >> that just makes it worse. >> a wounded warrior showing the world what he is made of. navy lieutenant bradley snyder was blinded in a bomb blast in afghanistan at this time last year. he is still doing big things. now he is competing as a swimmer at the london paralympic games. this lieutenant is one strong
7:23 pm
guy fuzzcally and mentally. >> coaches and competitors alike are really in awe of how fast navy lieutenant bounced back after his accident. one year ago his laugh afghanistan combat tour ended suddenly when an ied blasted shrapnel in his face. he won gold in the 100 and 400 meter free style at the paralympic games in london. >> glad i touched the wall first. glad to set a precedence and glad to represent team usa. >> while the physical barriers of blindness have been tough to deal with the mental jolt of being side lined has been hardened. he is now fulfilling his competitive nature by participating in the paraolympics. >> this is quite a transition in life for him as it would be for anybody. we should tell people what he did when he served. >> he was somebody who diffused
7:24 pm
bombs for a navy seal team. he remained conscious as he waited for medics to reach him and pick him up. he recovered at walter reed medical center. he places more value than ever in the words he repeated so often in the navy honor, courage and commitment. you think those words don't mean anything until you have to sit down and consider what they are. when you go through something like this you start to appreciate learning those things early on as opposed to find it out on the way. >> lieutenant snyder hopes his story inspires other people with disabilities to do big things. that's why we are sharing his store treent. he is involved in rock climbing. >> he is a little achiever. >> he stood up to one of the world's most brutal regimes even when it meant he would lose his
7:25 pm
life. the christian pastor who would not renouns his faith is out of jail. we are learning what he endured what truly was hell on earth. anybody who has a job these days have to feel fortunate especially after august dismal unemployment report. a closer look at the number one issue for voters this november. >> announcer: this is the day. the day that we say to the world of identity thieves "enough." we're lifelock, and we believe you have the right to live free from the fear of identity theft. our pledge to you? as long as there are identity thieves, we'll be there. we're lifelock. and we offer the most comprehensive identity theft protection ever created. lifelock: relentlessly protecting your identity. call 1-800-lifelock or
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>> french police claiming to question a young survivor of a vicious attack in the alps. now the 7-year-old british girl who survived after being shot is out of a coma. she and her 4-year-old younger sister were vacationing with her parents when two youngers were shot and killed in theally ps. they are looking at the home in search of clues. they want to talk to the 7-year-old child and they will do so as soon as they get the green light from her doctors. villagers forced to flee as a volcano. top stories as we go around the world in 80 seconds. nick waragua volcano eye ruptin. to help villagers into the
7:30 pm
about 3 thousand people evacuated. south korea defectors sending an the north leaflets into north korea. the communist nation celebrates the 64th birthday. filling them with helium and dropping propaganda information. israel, the semi annual cleaning of the western wall a senior rabbi removing countless handwritten notes wedged between the ancient stone. visitors of all faith leave the strips of paper at the jewish holy site and believes god will answer their prayers. the notes considered sacred and will be stored elsewhere. >> mexico, cow girls set the beg guiness book of world record 110 of them riding side sat el in a
7:31 pm
parade. these women are from mexico's female rodeo sport. that's a wrap around this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> governor romney talking about healthcare reform on a sunday talk show saying he would not get rid of all of healthcare reform. he would make sure those with preexisti preexisting conditions to get coverage. obama wrapping up the tour through florida. he is on the defensive accusing romney of backing a plan that would have seniors paying more and insurance companies making more money. the romney campaign quickly reb rebuted. millions of americans would say the focus for them is about jobs
7:32 pm
and how to create more of them. more americans left the work force than found jobs in the mt. of august which helps explain why the unemployment rate went from 8.3 percent to 8.1 percent. they count people unemployed if they active slifrn for a job. when they quit they aren't part of the numbers. peter dos siocy with the news f washington. >> for every one that got a job nearly 4 stopped looking for work. >> reporters say not to read too much into august alone. >> you don't want to look at one month's report. the unemployment rate is down a percentage and that's from people getting new jobs. after a decade in decline this country created half a million
7:33 pm
new manufacturing jobs over the last 2 and a half years. >> mitt romney advisors think if president obama hits a term the economy will remain stalled. i can't image an argue uchlt that says raising marginal tax race on high income people many of whom are business owners is a recipe for economic growth. >> he said he won't cut taxes for the wealthy he will bring down the rate of reduction so wealthy people pay will stay the same and middle income taxpayers will get a break. peter thank you. a wave of deadly attacks rocking iraq today. >> nearly 400 wounded in one of the most brutal days in the country this yeast. they attacked guns down soldiers
7:34 pm
at an army post and bombing police recruits waiting in line to apply for jobs. no one is taking direct responsibility for the attacks with the iraq de kogovernment pg al qaeda. it will take them they were forced out of before the troops with bra from that country last year. political turmoil to go along with the center lines. an iraqi court convicting him and his son-in-law of masterminding the killers of a lawyer and government security official. he denies the charges and has been a fugitive in nearby turkey. the politically charged case is fuelling resentment against the government. a christian pastor in iran spending the first full day with his family after being released from prison. he was incarcerated three years ago after refusing to renounce his christian faith. he originally was sentenced to die but the court reduced the
7:35 pm
charges and let him go for time served. that pastor's story receiving attention from all over the globe including the state department and house of representatives calling for his release. lauren green joins me now. >> this is a big surprise. there were reports earlier this week that a hint that the judges would level now charges but within 24-hours the pastor went from facing death to being a free man on the charges of converting from islam was reduced oh only evangelizing. international pressure was the key. millions of prayers, tweets, media plus the governments of brazil, the u.s. and the u.n. all playing a role. what you have is international out cry. they made the correct decision by letting this pastor ultimately go. they found him guilty of evangelizing muslims and said his time served was sufficient and let him go and let him go
7:36 pm
home. >> he was born muslim but he never erased the faith and as a teen became a christian. >> you and i were talking off camera about how he survived what i describe as hell on earth. curious, where does he go now? >> this is a dbig decision he will continue his pastor ship of his decision to flee or flee his family. >> you have to be careful after the release of these cases five years ago a similar case an individual pastor was released he was killed a few days later. this is such a high profile case i am optimistic it could represent a change of tone if we could continue the press. >> this is a high profile case. there are a lot of christians and minorities languishing in iranian prisons. it's a good sign these international pressures this
7:37 pm
kind of tactic does work. >> he spent many days praying. >> absolutely. three years. in syria tonight reports of new violence. government warplanes bombing an area killing at least 7 people. that's an area we have been watching. the strikes took over after an army base this after a militant leader linked to al qaeda is warning of deadly attacks in syria. the leader of the militant group condemns what he calls crimes by government against tsunami muslim. >> more than 20,000 citizens have died since they rose up against their government 18 months ago. across the border in jordan one syrian refugee camp celebrating its first wedding a 23-year-old carpenter marrying his cousin in a simple ceremony that included riden on people's shoulders. the couple let last year in his
7:38 pm
home town where the civil war was they decide to do get married in the refugee camp was the world was traging on in assyria and saw no chance of going back any time soon. workers at one home frantically called 911 after they noticed something very strange. >> put your hands up walk towards us. keep your hands up walk towards us. >> police arresting a man found lurking around the home of a hollywood star let. very bizarre. wait until you find out what they found in this guy's pockets. >> donkeys more than the symbol of a political party they are also a lot of fun to look at unless you live in a california town where they are running around without leashes and nobody can catch them and they are trambling the yards. catch that donkey. they are a nuisance. they are also kind of cute. [ male announcer ] this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news
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>> los angeles police say they aregsed a man breaking into the home of my recyrus. an employee inside noticed something strange and called 911. when they arrived they found this guy still on the property and tried to get him to surrender. >> we gave them some commands and didn't respond. with y we went ahead and said we were going to taz them in order to get him to comply so he went ahead and did so. he became compliant walked uppity hill for us. we took him into custody without incident. >> he told police he and miley have been friends for years. he reportedly was found with strange items including a pair of scissors in his pocket and a giant red heart tied around his neck. rivera being held on suspicion of burglary and is expected to
7:43 pm
be charged this week. miley cyrus was not at home at this time. a wild wake up call for a california neighborhood. getting down and dirty for a good cause. two stops as we go across america. >> california a vacant house blows up in a quiet modesto suburb. the explosion so powerful it caused damage through out the neighborhood setting nearby homes on fire. >> it was like a big explosion. all of the dwoins in the house broke and everything. thankfully nobody hurt. a ruptured gas line is by the home likely caused it. virginia a partial stage collapse injured one person at a jazz festival near arlington. the concert was canceled due to storms. while they were taking it apart scaffolding came down. one person hospitalized respected to recover. back to the golden state. drama on the outskirts of los
7:44 pm
angeles. a herd of wild burrows getting into people's garden even stopping traffic. >> we have had sightings over the last couple years but not like this. this is the most we have seen. >> they keep coming back because people come feeding them. animal control officers say stop that hoping if people ignore the donkeys they will go back to nature. wisconsin... >> wisconsin more than 12,000 people get dirty it's a tough mudder event in cascade where compete in a 12 mile obstacle run in mud of course. >> separates the men from the boys and girls from the women. >> the wounded warrior project benefits helping veterans return from war. it is sunday in september which also means the nfl is back. more on the games played out today in a few minutes. one nfl star is getting back in
7:45 pm
a unique way. carolina panthers wide receiver smith helping the homeless by giving foot rubs and donating hundreds of pairs of shoes. it is an honor to help those less fortunate. >> it is an opportunity for me to give back to serve to kind of really for me open the next chapter of my life. >> wow. he does this at every single away game. his panthers are in pam taw tonight face the buccaneers. they won 16-10. a new book that portrays president obama in a much more flattering light. weeks before election day we take a look at why it is causing such a stir already. he's a star pitcher on the baseball team destined for the playoffs. the young phenomenon is headed to the bench for good. they are sitting him down. that's ahead in sports. strasbourg they're sitting him down for good. that's ahead in sports. i'm doing my own sleep study.
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new book hitting stores. obama is over confident under prepared unwilling to newer newtour relationships with congressional leaders. long time politics authored by bob woodward. >> two weeks before inauguration president elect obama and joe biden told parties he wanted a stimulus package of 800 billion to 1.3 trillion. he asked for everyone's ideas and both parties said the atmosphere was insere on all sides. the president went his own way.
7:50 pm
think believe government spending could complete jobs and wrote the economy. helping small business would create another jobs. they provided congressional leaders to the white house. they would apply for a lift of proposals in the lowest income tax rates a tax reduction of 20 percent on small businesses and making unemployment benefits tax free among other things. in spite of pledges cooperate according to the book rubbed it in saying quote elections have consequences and eric, i won. the president was having trouble with conservative democrats as well. at one point democratic leaders nancy pelosi and harry reid were aimed at changes winning their support. president obama called was put on speaker phone and told them their efforts would save the economy. pelosi and reed thanked them but they launched into a lengthyer
7:51 pm
speech. he hit the mute button and democrats went back to their work leaving the president speaking into the ozone which pelosi denies. >> usually i don't have anybody in the room. >> there were two white house officials in the room as well. rahm emanuel and peter orzog one of them eventually talked. they passed without a single republican vote. he was surprised the book says at quote how badly the whutd house played a winning hand. he thought he had unified and energized the losers. not only had mr. obama missed the opportunity to work with republican he squandered an opportunity to go across the aisle. >> a young man dreamed of becoming a surgical technicians used to walk 15 miles to class.
7:52 pm
that was until a hit and run driver hit him. he spent days in the hospital recovering and now he won't have to walk to class any more. you know why? a complete stranger just gave him a car. an old 1990 cadillac. a big car from a woman with a big heart. >> the thought of my kid walking -- i don't want to think about that. i said nope that's it. end of story. he is going to get this car. >> brandon thanking her personally and promising to stay in school. police are looking for the driver who left the hit and run scene. a woman making nfl history. she was in uniform. tell you all about it. football is back. fox sits right next to me. stay with us. me, home base, fox report. [ female announcer ] you want family dinner to be special. dad, we want pizza.
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>> some history being made as nfl history is underway. >> a woman was the line judge. she was the first women to referee a game. the regular officials are locked out. she had 15 years experience on division 1 college level. that's a big deal. keith sleigher is here of fox a lot of people are talking about this. shannon easton was one of many. >> the nfl refs are locked out with pensions and a different kind of retirement package. they did a fine job. >> let's move outside of new york city. the lathes because of weather
7:57 pm
that moved through last night the only american serena williams. >> she is in the midst of one of the greatest runs she won wimbledon and the olympics. she wins the u.s. open title. a triumphant serena on her back. nobody saw her winning this tournament a year ago. she came out vie um fant happy over joyed. the new york crowd embraced serena williams. >> she gave her a run for her money. they are kind of dressed alike. fun match. they got mare money's worth. >> i want to talk football. i always do. rg 3. >> robert griffin the third he was the heisman trophy winner. he goes to the washington redskins. they did not lose all last
7:58 pm
season. the first nfl start comes out and beats him in the same run. >> this is one of the toughest. they rally. they go through recently. >> they love him and for him to go into their house and do this that is a big deal. >> wild and primsive job. they lost to the chicago bears today in chicago. >> tim tu tebow let's talk. tim tebow and mark sanchez big leading up to the nfl season. how are they going to get it done? scored 48 points today. he played well when he got in. they played really good. >> you can't sit here without talking about this.
7:59 pm
you don't have many nice things to say about that team. are you going to say you were wrong? >> they have tough games coming up it was pretty impressive. jets fans i apologized. he played well there are 15 more weeks to go. see how the season plays out. >> green bay. >> america's game on fox. they didn't lose at home. san francisco 49ers shocked they are winning 30-22. the niners went down the line. big upset on green bay. >> steve strasbourg football. >> they are shutting him down before the playoffs. coming down with elbow surgery. they are shutting him down will not pitch in the playoffs. controversy at the nation's capital. >> mlb with the drama. >> beautiful sunday in sports today. thanks for having me on. >>

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